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Here is a list of 33 UK universities offering undergraduate degrees in Astronomy or a related subject.

UK Universities 2016 (I am busy updating entry requirements for 2017 over the next 6 months)  29 May 2016

offering undergraduate degree courses in Astronomy or Astrophysics are:

1. Aberystwyth University

Institute of Mathematics and Physics  More than 110 years of Teaching experience! The university was founded in 1872.

Astrophysics BSc F510 3 years   MPhys F511 4 years

Physics with Planetary and Space Physics  BSc  F364 3 years  MPhys  F366  4 years

Entry Requirements: 280 points - 300 points (BCC - BBB) at least grades B in Maths and Physics at A2 level

280 points for BSc and 300 points for MPhys courses.

IB 27 points with a minimum level 5 for Higher Level Maths and Physics.

Telephone 01970 622 839

2.  Queen’s University Belfast

Physics with Astrophysics  BSc   F3F5   3 years

Entry Requirements  BBB  at A level    IB 32 points including 6, 6, 5 at Higher Level including Maths and Physics

Physics with Astrophysics  MSci  F3FM   4 years

Entry Requirements  AAB at A level     IB 34 points including 6, 6, 6 at Higher Level including Maths and Physics

Contact   Dr Tom Field  Tel 028 9097 3838

3. University of Birmingham
    B15 2TT

Physics and Astrophysics FF35 BSc  and    FFH5 MSci

Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology BSc F372  MSci F373

Entry Requirements: AAA to AAB    3 years    38 to 36 IB points

Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology  MSci F373

Entry Requirements: A*AA to AAA    4 years     38 to 34 IB points

Telephone Admissions Team   0121 414 4563


4. University of Bristol

Telephone Admissions 0117 928 8153

Physics with Astrophysics BSc F3F5   and MSci F3FM

Entry Requirements: AAA to AAB   with A A in Physics and Mathematics    IB 37 to 35 Points  6 in HL Physics and 6 in HL Maths

IELTS  6.5 with a minimum 6.0 in each strand.

5. Cardiff University

School of Physics and Astronomy

Astrophysics BSc F511 3 years   MPhys  F510  4 years

Physics with Astronomy BSc F3F5 3 years   MPhys F3FM 4 years

Entry Requirements: AAB to ABB

BSc   IB 30 points and 5s in HL Maths and Physics

MPhys  IB 32 points and 6s in HL Maths and Physics

Admissions Tutor Dr Carole Tutor   [email protected][email protected]

6. Durham University

Physics and Astronomy MPhys (hons) 4 years FF3N

Entry Requirements: A*AA/AAA  IB 37 points      4 years

One of the top universities to study Physics and Astronomy.

7. University of Edinburgh

Astrophysics BSc F510                       Astrophysics MPhys F361

Entry Requirements: ABB grades at A level  (including Mathematics at Grade A and Physics)

or IB 32 points (including Mathematics HL level 6, Physics HL level 5 and one HL subject at level 5)


Typical offer is likely to be:  AAA at A level or  IB 37 points.

Please contact: [email protected] and tel: 0131 651 7855.


8. University of Exeter

Physics with Astrophysics

BSc  3 years    MPhys   4 years

Entry Requirements:  AAA - ABB    IB 36 - 32 points

9. University of Glamorgan

BSc Hons Observational Astronomy

F520 3 years

Entry Requirements: 240 points (C C C)

10. University of Glasgow

School of Physics and Astronomy   (very famous for Gravitational Wave astronomy)

BSc and MSci degrees in Astronomy (Joint Honours) or  Physics with Astrophysics
Entry Requirements: ABB grades at A Level    IB 32 points

11. University of Hertfordshire

3 courses Minimum entry requirements 280 points e.g. 100 B 100 B 80 C


12. University of Hull                1 Course  Physics with Astrophysics  BSc F3F5 3 years

or MPhys F3FM 4 years

Entry Requirements: 260 to 300 UCAS Points

Admissions  Telephone 01482 465 501

13. Keele University

1 Course   BSc Astrophysics F510

Entry Requirements: 300 to 320 UCAS Points   IB 25 points  6 at HL Physics


14. University of Kent               3 Courses

Astronomy, Space Science and Astrophysics BSc F590   MPhys F592   4 years

Physics with Astrophysics

Entry Requirements:  320 UCAS Points     IB 33 points

15. University of Lancaster

Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology BSc (hons) F3FM and MPhys (hons) F303

Entry Requirements:

AAB 340 points           3 years

AAA 360 points           4 years


16. University of Leeds

Physics with Astrophysics  BSc  3 years  F3F5

Physics with Astrophysics  MPhys  4 years  F3FM

Entry Requirements:  MPhys  AAA   BSc  AAB

Telephone 0113 343 3881

17. University of Leicester                              Department of Physics and Astronomy

Mathematics with Astronomy

Entry Requirements:

AAA to ABB    IB from 32 to 36 points

BSc  Physics with Astrophysics                  F3F5     3 years         ABB

M Phys   Physics with Astrophysics             F3FM     4 years         AAB

BSc Physics with Planetary Science            F3FN     3 years         ABB

M Phys  Physics with Planetary Science      F394    4 years          AAB

BSc  Physics with Space Science and Technology  F365  3 years   ABB

M Phys Physics with Space Science and Technology   F366 4 years  AAB



18. University of Liverpool

Physics with Astronomy BSc (Hons) F3F5

Entry Requirements: AAB BBB         IB 33 points        3 years

Astrophysics MPhys F521

Entry Requirements: AAA - ABB    4 years

19. Liverpool John Moores University

Physics with Astronomy BSc F3F5 3 years

Astrophysics MPhys F521 4 years

Entry Requirements:
20. University of London

Birbeck College

Planetary Science with Astronomy BSc (hons)

4 years part-time

Kings College London

Queen Mary University of London   F526 BSc  3 years    F523 MSci  4 years

Entry Requirements:  F526 320 points  IB 30 points  F523  340 points  IB 34 points

Royal Holloway    F511 BSc 3 years   F510 MSci 4 years

Entry Requirements:   AAA - ABB    IB 36 points to 34 points

23.   University College London

Astrophysics   F511    MSci  4 Years

Entry Requirements   AAA to AAB   36 to 38 points with 17 - 18 points at Higher Level

Astrophysics   F510   BSc  3 Years

Entry Requirements:  AAB to ABB   IB 34 - 36 points

This is the University I went to between 1975 - 1978 and thoroughly enjoyed myself!!

24. Loughborough University

Physics with Cosmology   BSc F3F5 3 years    MPhys F3FM 4 years

Entry requirements:  340 points or AAB   IB 34 points

25. University of Manchester

School of Physics and Astronomy

Physics with Astrophysics  F3F5  3 years BSc   4 years MPhys

Entry requirements: A*A*A to A*AA     IB 38 - 39 points


26. University of Nottingham

F3F5 Physics with Astronomy   BSc  3 years

Min requirements: ABB to AAA

27. Nottingham Trent University

BSc Hons Physics and Astrophysics

Entry Requirements   280 points minimum B/C in Physics and Mathematics

28. St. Andrews University

2013 sees the University celebrate its 600 year anniversary (1413 - 2013)

BSc Astrophysics     MPhys Astrophysics

Entry requirements: AAA  IB 38 points

29. University of Sheffield

3 courses    Physics and Astrophysics   BSc  FF35   3 years

Entry Requirements:    AAB   IB 35 points 6 HL Physics and Mathematics

Physics and Astrophysics  MPhys  F3F5   4 years

Entry Requirements:    AAA   IB 37 points  6 HL Physics and Mathematics

Physics and Astrophysics with Study Abroad  MPhys  FF3M

Entry Requirements:     AAA   IB 37 points  6 HL Physics and Mathematics

IELTS 6.5  minimum 5.5 in each strand.   TOEFL 88 or above.
30. University of Southampton

Physics and Astronomy MPhys 4 years

Physics with Space Science MPhys

Physics and Astronomy with a year Abroad MPhys

Entry requirements:  340 points or AAB typically

31. University of Surrey

Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics   BSc  F3F5 3 years
Physics with Nuclear Astrophysics   MPHys F3FM  4 years

Physics with Satellite Technology    BSc  F361 3 years
Physics with Satellite Technology    MPhys F362 4 years.

Entry requirements: AAB to ABB

32. University of Sussex             Department of Physics and Astronomy

F501 MPhys Astrophysics 4 years

Entry requirements AAA to AAB

F3F5 Physics with Astrophysics 3 years

Entry requirements: AAB to ABB   IB  36 - 34 points

F3FM Physics wth Astrophysics 4 years

Entry requirements: AAA to AAB    IB 36 - 35 points

33. University of Swansea

School of Physical Science

Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology   BSc F3F5   3 years

I would appreciate any help in improving these entries (dmannion     AT   catscanterbury.com). Thanks.

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